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Specifications of Dry Block Temp. Calibrator

The TB 400 / TB 60 are low-cost, portable, self-contained Dry Block Calibrators for all types of temperature probes and gauges within the range from ambient to 400 °C/ 600 °C. They are designed with a unique thermos-well structure, optimized for thermal gradient of the calibration well. This unique design ensures uniform heating without loss of accuracy.

  TB 400 TB 600
Range Amb to 400 °C Amb to 600 °C
Accuracy 1.2 °C (0.3 % FS) 1.8 °C (0.3 % FS)
Stability 0.2 °C 0.2 °C
Well-to-Well Uniformity 0.1 °C with similarly sized well 0.1 °C with similarly sized well
Heating Times 20 to 30 minutes from ambient to 400 °C 30 to 40 minutes from ambient to 600 °C
Cooling Times 30 to 40 minutes from ambient to 400 °C 30 to 40 minutes from ambient to 100 °C
Power 230 VAC (5%) 50/60 Hz, 500W 230 VAC (5%) 50/60 Hz, 900W
Mechanical Dimension
320*300*150 320*300*150
Weight 6 Kg. 7 Kg.
Traceability National Standard National Standard

A set of three inserts is supplied with each calibrator to accommodate probes of standard sizes. In addition, one general purpose insert is also provided for nonstandard probes. The insert selected for the probe under test can placed in the thermal block of the calibrator which is designed to maintain the probes at the same temperature. A PID Controller supplied as part of the instrument control the temperature of the Master Probe. The temperature of the unknown probes is same as the master probe because of the isothermal design.

The temperature of isothermal block is displayed on the Digital Display of the PID Controller. The desired temperature can be set with in the range with a reliability of 0.1 °C using Keypad on the Controller. With factory set P, I and D Parameters, the Dry Block Calibrators achieve and maintain the set temperature with a stability of 0.2 °C.

Accessories Supplied

Insert No 1: Four holes of 6.5mm, 4.2mm, 8.2mm, 10.2 mm diameter

Insert No 2:Three holes of 6.5mm, 6.5mm, 12.7 mm diameter

Insert No 3: Two holes of 6.5mm, 19 mm diameter

Insert No 4: One hollow insert with 28mm diameter for multiple or signed odd size probe.

Magnesium Oxide: A bottle of MgO is supplies for filling gapes around sensor.

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